Top Five Austin Coffee Shops to Work in

The best among the dark java havens combine three things: fast WiFi, divine coffee and easy parking. This knocks off downtown coffee shops automatically. Work mode means hours in a place, and being able to switch environments in one place eases that mind trapped feel, so environment is the next deciding factor.



A short drive south of downtown makes this a perfect location for meeting up with anyone in Austin. They have outdoor and indoor seating that all feels cozy and yet alive. A scratch kitchen with local ingredients, and despite the constant multitudes of robot energy suckers it always has decent WiFi. Not the best WiFi in town though.


Unique Perks: Near food truck parks and art galleries along Cesar Chavez St. Also has juice bar at entrance with service that makes you feel like friends in seconds. She gave me free dregs of juice with berries and peanut butter. We’re forever friends.


Known by those coffee connoisseurs around town. Highly trained staff, rotating coffee selections, and only made to order coffee. Also tiny Askinosie (known for having a chocolate academy) chocolate bars available; in order to ease multiple cravings. A high energy work environment ebbs through this place. Go here for that worker bee hive feeling.


Unique Perks: Incredibly knowledgeable baristas and rotating origins of our favorite bean. Lamar location has Taco Deli nearby.

Cons: Can be very packed.

Stouthaus Coffee

If you’re in South Austin, or willing to venture that way, then this is an epic choice. They have community tables of delicious wood, beers on tap, and the WiFi is fast. If this coffee shop weren’t so far South it would be top.


Unique Perks: Rewards program and kombucha/beer on tap. Community tables along the back and a pizza shop/ice cream parlor around the corner.

Cons: Limited power outlets, but there are a few at the community tables.


This 24 hour coffee shop also has wine and beer and open mic comedy nights. Large amounts of outdoor seating out back features a Vera Cruz Tacos food truck. The con is that the inside gets loud when they have live bands, but just on weekends.


Unique Traits: Large beer tap and wine selection. Holds events.

Turns off WiFi at five.

Sa-Ten Coffee and Eats

A bit East Side but very worth it. This little shop is surrounded by art galleries, is rarely crowded and has random Asian food. Would be higher on the list if not for location.




Runner Ups:

Pacha: This is the shop that your grandmother opened after a trip to India. She brought back amazing teas. It’s sustainable, organic in both liquids and food, and has a great chill vibe.

Alta: Beautiful view of Ladybird Lake, and it’s easy to go for a walk around the lake if you need a mind break.

Cons: Parking. You will most likely have to pay for it.

Patika: Delicious drinks, food and wine.

Cons: Not enough room on the list. Seventh spot.

Cafe Medici: Several locations. Well trained baristas.

Vintage Heart Coffee: Delicious drinks and fast WiFi
Cons: Too quiet, you can hear everyone. Even their thoughts 😉

Mozart’s Coffee: Popular due to being on the river

Cons: Poor quality drinks

Cuvee: Best coffee in town with nitro brew tap.

Cons: No WiFi, more about socializing

The Factory: Delicious and unique drinks like a 15 hour cold brew.

Cons: No WiFi. Great for reading and doing offline work if needed. Best matcha latte if they don’t burn the milk.





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