Where to Cheaply Eat Paleo in Austin

I’ve been following the ever evolving “paleo” diet for a few years. The diet changes as we find new information out about our species and as we uncover more data. Turns out ancient cultures did eat more than bacon. Honestly diets are weird if they try to go ancient because the way people ate was based on what was around them. Most American diets try to eat the same thing year round. Us Amazon.comians.

Paleo is meant to be a diet that takes you back to natural. It’s a diet that makes me feel animal, in a way that makes me finally love being human. It cured this brain of mental disorders by taking away what caused them. You eat food as you would find it in the wild, without much change but fire. Then your body and brain understand themselves.

Austin is lucky to have so many farm to fork eateries that you can eat a lot of places without breaking your new diet. If you’re full paleo then you also avoid canola oil because it causes inflammation. Even restaurants that locally source, like Sway and Wu Chow have canola oil used in their marinades and in their fryers. In general avoid the Asian restaurants for this reason. Kuneho will use avocado oil if you ask them, and their food tastes like Asian love.  P. Terry’s has well sourced meat, but uses canola oil on their grills. Ask them and they’ll avoid extra on your meat. The following list includes places that avoid canola oil or will avoid it upon request.

As a side note our interview with Crossroads revealed that Austin still views farm to fork as a hashtag more than a lifestyle. It’s so expensive here because it is a trend. In Portland it’s a genuine lifestyle. “In Portland, chicken on the high end was $3.50. It was $3 for really well farmed pork belly there and $8.50 here, and it is way more farm based in Portland”.


  • Go to any store and get an avocado. Treat it like an orange and just peel it then devour for lunch. I carry a salt shaker with me everywhere for this reason.
  • Get eggs from Royal Blue for 69 cent local eggs.
  • Get a kitchen for when you travel. You’ll make the money back.


Your Hotel or AirBnB:


We have a Wheatsville, Whole Foods, and many farm to fork groceries all over Austin. Or indulge in farmers markets with rich variety. Add fire, some salt, then go explore. Then you can spend your money at the art galleries, concerts and comedy shows. Do512.com is an epic resource for knowing the going ons.


Wheatsville Coop

Go to their salad bar for some delicious and well loved food. Oils are listed and all ingredients are hormone free.


Kerbey Lane:


Request to have omelettes cooked in butter. They are an organic 24 hour diner. There is another diner called 24 Diner with the same concept. Kerbey is more comfort food oriented and has more consistency.



Go for the happy hour. Watch the chefs craft mouth magic before you. Sit at the counter. Request to use avocado oil for your meal at no extra charge and with no odd looks.

Magnolia Cafe:


Basically the same concept as Kerbey but with a more Velveeta thickness to the queso.



If anyone could make a fast food burger for one dollar more than McDonald’s it’s Austin. Certified humane beef and Vital Farms eggs.

Crossroads Farm to Truck:


Very well sourced food truck. The husband and wife chef team has 15 years of experience that they make you taste. Around the world flavors and around the world passion.



African food I crave daily. The owner makes you feel foreign and alive with flavors.


I have personally checked the sourcing of all these food joints. If you’re curious about the sourcing then call before you go somewhere. The more you ask the more restaurants have to care. May the food force be with you.

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