First Thoughts on Steel City Pops

We got to indulge in some popsicles last week on Guadalupe street. When I used to think of these ice sticks there were just that, ice with some flavor drops. Remember those squeeze pop style ones that came in cases of 50 for your freezer? I used to do rock paper scissor competitions for the pink one.

Now when I think of popsicles it’s of creamy avocado sweetly embraced by a thrill of chill. Then there’s a memory of a crunch and melt of dark chocolate and an espresso powder to lace it together. This memory is addictive.


Seriously. It’s like a pop song of melting must have.

The grand opening went very well for Steel City Pops. Tons of humans showed up and there were smiles from kids to adults and back again.  The hospitality and love was transparent the entire time. A live band played and the free pops were infinite.


So the concept is super awesome. You choose one of their flavors from classic to twisted ones like blood orange or pineapple jalapeno. Then you have it dipped into various chocolates. Then have it powder dusted like fairy dust with your chosen flavor. You can also add nuts if you’re feeling crunchy.


All in all the concept is unique and delicious. Both Jason and I were impressed, but with different ones. The creaminess of the avocado made it my nightly lover and Jason enjoyed the peach flavor. They also have a super Instaworthy wall.


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