Coffee Shops with Standing Desks in Austin


Want to work for hours but keep your body beautiful? Sitting is pretty hard on the hips since it keeps them clenched. Avoid doing secret squats at coffee shops. Even standing will keep you taught. The rhymes come out sometimes.

Seriously though it does help your body and mind out to stand up while doing your work. Just push the bar chair in and stand behind it.

Houndstooth North and Downtown


The North Location offers a short bar at the edge of the building. It’s also one of the few spots in the shop with chargers for your little robots. Known for craft coffee and high standards of origin sourcing.

Barrett’s Coffee North


A new up North coffee shop. One of the friendliest and friend making baristas I’ve ever had. Endless hibiscus tea available. Very knowledgeable team members who were able to suggest coffee drinks as well as a bartender recommends cocktails.

Radio Coffee and Beer South


Both inside and outside you’ll find standing bars. Also known for having a beer tap and open mic nights. 24 hour coffee shop, but WiFi is turned off at 6.

Stouthaus South


Has a beer tap as well. A very comfy couch area is availableĀ  if you can beat the others to it. Also has outdoor seating but it is right next to the highway so you’ll have to talk over car noise.

Sa-Ten – East


Coffee shop in The Canopy which is also had a series of art studios. From Art. Science Gallery to Bale Creek Allen Gallery (one of my favorites) and Austin Rocks. One of the best places to meet artists and cling to that old East Austin vibe. Has a full kitchen with curries and toasts.


If you know of any other standing bars in Austin let us know in the comments below.

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