Review of Southern Pressed Juicery in the Domain

I really used to think Açaí bowls were the knockoff versions of bento bowls. They were designed for color more than flavor and the balance was always a mixture between too sweet and cereal with berries.


Around town we have many Açaí bowls that compete with each other but feel the same, and I’ve been questioning the sourcing at various places to know how they get this Brazilian fruit over to the states. Most places do source the berry from Brazil through the brand Sambazon which you can get on Amazon.  This brand publicizes being organic but does have added sugar and guarana in the frozen puree. Protip: if you are looking for fully unsweetened Açaí with nothing added then go to Trader Joe’s.

What I love about Southern Pressed Juicery is that they use pure Açaí with nothing added, and are a fully gluten-free shop with organic ingredients.


The Bowl:

Acai Bowl.jpg

I went with the Tiger Blood bowl blended with dragon fruit and topped with bee pollen and cocoa nibs. The balance was divine and I loved the acidic quality of the Açaí paired with raw chocolate and the sweet burst of raspberry.


Southern Pressed Juicery is located at The Domain inside the Wanderlust Yoga studio. They are all brilliantly sweet people.

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