Why you Want Beer in your Food: Review of The Brewer’s Table


About the Brewer’s Table:

In Austin, it has become rare to find a restaurant doing something truly unique. We have a thousand food trucks and half of them seem to be tacos.  According to KHOU: “Austin has seen the biggest increase in its number of food trucks over the past six years: growing from 648 in 2006 to 1,265 food trucks in 2016”.

Usually, I find it’s the trucks that have the most funk, and tend to have chefs that are still bold and living on the food they dreamed of creating. Without a restaurant watching over your back chefs truly get to create and work with the flavors they want to share.

The Brewer’s Table really shocked me with how creative the menu is. They are not a food truck but have all of the creativity and passion of one. Their concept is utilizing the entire ingredient used in their cooking or brewing. Beer grains are turned into ice cream cones and tortillas. They follow the seasons and the ingredients that come with it. The in-house brewed beer also utilizes ingredients from the kitchen and brings all to your mouth for tasting pleasures.



The Food:

We had the rabbit tacos, the deviled eggs with chicken mousse sunk into the bottom and a mini barley ice cream cone.


The Rabbit Tacos with an Oaxacan Tortilla:  

Ainsley’s Thoughts: 3.75/5

They were up there for tacos but I did request extra sauce because I need tacos to be gushing with either grease or hot sauce from the shell. They brought a house crafted hot sauce and the flavor and mouthfeel escalated. A bit of spicy and gamy mouth taste that brightened with the pickled onions. I would love an increase in the fennel to accent the herb rather than it be a garnish.

Ari’s Thoughts: ?/?

Not applicable due to memory loss.


The Deviled Eggs:

Ainsley’s Thoughts:  4.5/5

I have had deviled eggs all over Austin. From Salty Sow to Dai Due, to Jacoby’s to all over downtown and back again. Definitely comment with your favorite deviled eggs below because that’s my go-to at restaurants to test their skills. There are little twists in every deviled egg. Salty Sow’s have bacon fat in them while Jacoby’s has bacon bits and really knows how to get the texture right. These eggs though. The yolk was melted. Those fancy eggs you get with the slow cook in sous vide rich people heaven brought to the table for a night really shine with the smoked chicken liver mousse at the bottom. It’s just so exciting and new I felt like I was thrown back to trying a funnel cake for the first time. I barely knew what was happening but knew I wanted it over and over again. These eggs are just as exciting.

Ari’s Thoughts:  4/5

The magmatic appearance of these eggs really do remind one of a volcano and the spices sprinkled on top makes it really seem like the devil made them…. a Hawaiian devil… Without the Lu’au *ahem* Compared to Salty Sow’s deviled eggs they don’t have the flavor but, I mean, Salty sow has bacon fat in theirs so it’s hard to compete with that, however, the molten texture of the yolk and white alike seem to melt equally in your mouth at different rates of dispersal and is quite unique in that regard. 5 stars for texture.


The Ice Cream Cone: 

Ainsley’s Thoughts: 5/5

The tiny cone was frightening for the price. $4 per cone and they arrive as the size of your finger. The description is toasted barley ice cream, yeast caramel, hop honey, beer grain waffle cone. There is also fudge level chocolate in the bottom. I loved the progression of the flavor of the cone. I would say if anything pulls the entire concept of The Brewer’s Table into a bite it is this ice cream pushed into yeast and toasted grain. You bite the into the sweet and frozen cream and as it melts the honey against your tongue you take another bite to get the malt and toast of the shell and finally the sweet and toasty meets chocolate. Nothing is shy. Every flavor speaks up and yet there is a true balance to the dessert.

Ari’s Thoughts: 6/5

Just Wow! (Insert extra exclamation points) It’s a creamy hop bomb but not the kind of IPA bittery of the Arrogant Bastard style or even the fruity dank and soft Shrieking Eel style from Uncle Billy’s but instead it’s like angelic hops descended onto earth and covered themselves in silken rapture and made babies with clouds turned to milk and then churned your tastebuds back into the past of what hops really should taste like on ascension planet Hop where a teaspoon of hop juice is worth a quarter of a planet it tastes so good. Yes. It tastes that good. The cone. It’s hard to describe how it disintegrates in the mouth, the malt caramel at the bottom was thick like butterscotch but not overly sweet. Try it to know the rest.



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