Central Market Brings UK Cheese and other Mouth Treats to Austin

Central Market is like the lover of food almost lost food forever and created memorials in her name. Food is loved, adored, admired and seen with a lust in every shop. It is a store that’s original aim was to make grocery shopping no longer be a chore, but an experience. You walk the streets of Central Market as though you’re at a farmer’s market with experts in every corner. The smells and sights of fresh fruit ease the concrete jungle thoughts away, and you feel the plump cherries in your hand without cameras above your head. Juice is sampled from freshly squeezed pulp and you’re taken on a journey to when food is all that mattered.


Central Market brings this love to us in ways of exploration of the entire world. They are bringing in cheeses you have never tasted because this is their first time in Texas, and salmon smoked with hours of the fish being caught and sent directly to us. Welcome to Passport United Kingdom hosted by the N Lamar location.


The Mey Selections


First of all, I must tell you about the thing I found most exciting at a first tasting event I was able to attend.  There were tastes that made the taste buds stand up and memorize their flavor. The Mey Selections are delicious goods chosen by His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay and are within 150 miles of the Castle of Mey. The produce was chosen when the Duke looked about at all the incredible producers within a stone’s throw, if you’re a giant, of the castle, and decided that these people needed to be known and supported. The quality that I tasted in all of these items truly is fit for royalty.

Whiskey Cake
By Geraldos of Largs

Especially the Scottish Whisky Cake. You’ve never had a cake so soaked in whisky, plump love, and warmth. This on my not to be missed list.

The Toasties



The toasties are like the taco in England, so said one of our hosts. They get all types of fillings, and the thing is how long people wait for them. “There are these tourists with only two days to kill that wait twelve minutes for a sandwich,” said our host dressed in a Cheshire catsuit, “and that’s if there’s no line”. You get why after that first bite of crunch melts to gooey cheese. That crunch is one rarely found and is one that definitely needs the time between a sandwich press. These ones are filled with leeks and two incredible UK pieces of cheese. They will be available on the 21st at the cafe. There will also be fish and chips available outside.

To get authentic chips, our hostess said, you have to make sure the fish is covered in enough batter that the inside is steamed. If there’s a hole in the batter then it just cooks and you lose the moisture.

For the Love of Juice



It’s Austin. There has to be juice. I did really love the green version of this drink, and definitely love the excitement to the flavors. It was a bit sour though and it makes me wonder if their production line is not fully in check.

Currant Jam



Now we have tons of jam in Texas. The best are made from local peaches. Take that standard and apply it to currants and you have this jam. Amazing to spread on scones or be like me and just spoon some from the jar.

All the Cheese!!!



The best part of any party is cheese and then comes conversation. Cheese is that delight that makes you feel and happy all at once. It also means the host cared, and cared enough to not just get cheddar. If she did go for cheddar though then hopefully she chose Thomas Hoe. This cheddar came from blank and is the founder’s favorite cheese. They’ve been making cheese since World War I and survived cheese being seen as a luxury, nearly killing the cheese biz until the 1950s. Their ability to stay independent was remarkable; read more of their story here.


The Passport to the UK is an annual event and starts September 19th and goes until October 2nd. This annual Passport event has involved places such as Greece, Mexico, Italy, France, Brazil, Spain, and Argentina. This year it brings new items in from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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