Austin Restaurants Dedicated to Gluten

In a time where gluten is feared, there are many Austin locations that still serve up bread without fear and a lust no gluten-free allergy can touch. Bakeries are obviously gluten lovers and bakers of delicious fluffy goodness, but this article is about restaurants that undeniably incorporate bread into their food and make it stand out.

Easy Tiger

By the Austinot

Easy Tiger should have a warning sign against celiacs as even the waitresses tell them to avoid the place because there is flour everywhere upstairs where all the goods are made. You can basically get sausage, which might also have flour on it.

Easy Tiger is featured all over town on various menus and now has a place at Fareground downtown so you can mix and match your happiness all over the city.


Holy Roller

Photo Courtesy of Holly Roller

Holy Roller is defined not just by its apple butter Brussel sprouts, but by its feminine power woman and owner Callie Speer. Her concept has stabilized and it seems to not be leaving anytime soon. Speer has been the pastry chef at many essential Austin restaurants ranging from Mars to Geraldine’s and Swift’s Attic. So, of course, her punk diner features baked personality with undeniable oads to childhood.

The most talked about items are the migas kolache and the trash fries which are a personal take on Mexican street corn.

Sour Duck

By Eater Austin

Sour Duck is the bakery version of Odd Duck and still features locally sourced fare in unpretentious ways. Besides the bakery case, the gluten featured mouthgasms are found in a lamb sausage gyro and smoked portabella muffuletta. Dare your lunch to be different.

Gordough’s Public House

Donut Burger/ Gordough’s Public House

Yes. That is a donut burger. Let your insides glow with the triumph of having eaten this.

Many of the appetizers at the South Lamar location involve meats, cheeses, and a little veg wrapped in donut dough and fried. Grandma’s Dumplins on the menus is a slow cooked chicken with donut hole dumplings served with pepper vinegar and a garlic donut on the side.

Churro Co

Courtesy of The Austinot

A bit like a bakery, and definitely a food truck and not a restaurant, but I still want them on this list and I am the one with the power to hit publish. 😉 These guys create churros with tons of toppings and I love that they are being unique and innovative with such epic street food. Besides just having a heart-stopping base with sugar coating the baked logs you get toppings like those on the Texas Comfort: cardamom sugar, topped with home-made apple pie, salted caramel, and whipped cream.

Where do you go for your fix?


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