Restaurants in Austin Affected by COVID-19 and How to Support Them

So SXSW hits and already restaurants are facing up to 1/3 of their sales of the year leaving. For food trucks, this can hit even harder as they paid for and planned events for the festival, as well as stocked up on ingredients and hired people to help them out. As SXSW leaves we are seeing the virus causing people to stay at home and avoid crowds. It definitely matters to stay safe but also to be calm and trust restaurants to sanitize their environments. It is really important to support locally in these times so that these businesses will survive the ever-increasing rent in Austin. You can order delicious local food online or through apps and have it delivered to your house. Farmhouse delivery works with local farms and also offers grocery and meal kit deliveries.

I’ve reached out to some restaurants for that local perspective and here are a few of the replies:

From: Timeout

Antonelli’s CheeseIncredible cheese shop that supports artisanal cheesemakers and is a mom and pop shop.

They have already noticed a drop and have lost revenue overall across the business and lost a lot of wholesale business from SXSW cancellation. In the last two days, folks rallied and dropped by to support them. Keep it up Austin!

They are offering a drive-through service where they will hand over the cheese and you can stay safe in the car. You can also order cheese trays through Favor.

Hot Dog w_Truck

WrigleyvilleAn authentic Vienna beef hot dog food truck owned by a husband and wife team that we love.

Seeing only half of their regular weekend sales. You can support them through Uber Eats.

Crepeful Website

Crepeful: Delicious crepe wraps, savory and sweet, out in Westlake.

Noticeably slower than usual and noted that their restaurant friends are getting hit too.

Support them through Door Dash and Postmates



Found on Eatingatx Instagram

Rosarito ATX: Epic and high-quality Baja-inspired dishes. Freshest tacos I’ve had in Austin.

Have seen a 50% decrease in business for their just-opened cevicheria and for their food truck had a lot of canceled events.

Order them through Uber Eats and Postmates


By Juliet Kithen


Juliet Italian Kitchen:  Incredible Italian Food (especially the meatballs)

Has definitely seen a hit and is promoting take-out and gift card purchases to support


I love what Antonelli’s says on their website when it comes to food safety during COVID-19:

Why is it business as usual?

” Because as a food business, we’ve always had and will continue to have the highest level of food safety standards possible. We’re not “starting to wash our hands more” because we’ve always done it that way. We wash hands regularly. (Fun fact: A cheesemonger probably typically washes their hands 50 times a day.) We’ve always taken health requirements seriously, as reflected by our near regular 100 score from the health department.”


If you are worried about sanitation feel free to call the places you love and ask what they are doing to help keep things safe.

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