Interview with the Chocaholic: SRSLY Chocolate

When I was a new being to Austin I searched for chocolate like an addicted bean addict. I found more variety at Central Market for fermented cocoa beans than I had ever seen in Gatesville or Lubbock, my other two homes. I felt like a true American with access to infinite chocolate ranging from bars with wormwood absinthe profiles, potato chip bars, sparkling candy gems … Continue reading Interview with the Chocaholic: SRSLY Chocolate

Happy Hour at Toulhouse with AFBA

Austin Food Blogger’s Alliance let us into their tribe a few months ago. We were both thrilled to just imagine it. Talking food with people that loved it as much as we do. Obviously every human loves food. We eat it to survive. But these people also worship it. We birth it from our brains as recipes. We dress it up with dark chocolate ganache or a leaf of basil. We stay at home on Friday nights to imagine rosemary infused donuts.

It is our love. A marriage to the senses of flavor, the sense of beauty and the taste of a memory.

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