Where to Eat Near Austin City Limits

The Festival that brings everyone far and wide into the beautiful city of Austin is here. So many restaurants are closing and opening in Austin that the ones near the festival are going to change yearly. Here is your mouth guide to 2018 ACL.   For Food:   P. Terry’s This fast-food high-quality burger stand might not be as quick due to the hundreds of … Continue reading Where to Eat Near Austin City Limits

Where to Cheaply Eat Paleo in Austin

I’ve been following the ever evolving “paleo” diet for a few years. The diet changes as we find new information out about our species and as we uncover more data. Turns out ancient cultures did eat more than bacon. Honestly diets are weird if they try to go ancient because the way people ate was based on what was around them. Most American diets try to eat the same thing year round. Us Amazon.comians.

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