Restaurants in Austin Affected by COVID-19 and How to Support Them

So SXSW hits and already restaurants are facing up to 1/3 of their sales of the year leaving. For food trucks, this can hit even harder as they paid for and planned events for the festival, as well as stocked up on ingredients and hired people to help them out. As SXSW leaves we are seeing the virus causing people to stay at home and … Continue reading Restaurants in Austin Affected by COVID-19 and How to Support Them

Interview with Intero’s Owners: Krystal Craig and Ian Thurwachter

The restaurant scene in Austin is changing, and the chefs and owners of Intero, Krystal Craig and Ian Thurwachter, have worked in the restaurants that have defined that change for the last twenty years. From Jeffrey’s to Vespaio Krystal and Ian have set their standards for the food your tongue experiences by learning from the best. From knowing who slaughters your meat to creating their … Continue reading Interview with Intero’s Owners: Krystal Craig and Ian Thurwachter

Cured- Our #1 Restaurant

Author: Ainsley Daschofsky


Every step I took away from the restaurant, concrete and bricks flashing into my eye retina, was like an interference. With a satisfaction so deep that the world couldn’t match, I licked my mind lips over and over. The match as a memory of fire hitting meat.  The memory of lamb ribs on top of me like a lass I’d been imagining for years and had finally won. The fat from the smoked rib charred my teeth with a memory’s gush as the fat spilled down my throat, swallowed into me. Eyes closed, keeping all else away from the brain memorizing every pull of lamb rib. While not memorizing. You can’t memorize what you already know. What your beast knows. Your primal DNA making the taste succulent to your inner knowledge. That’s the thing about flavor. It is no hologram. It was not factory made …until it was. Meat and its flavor is known to every creature that is human. Whether you have McDonalds or not. They can only tap into the buds that scream and dance and cry to their passion. Food. Survival. Instinct. Your brain says meat should be inside it because it is your survival. Cured’s burger was this release from being a part of the world, the modern day, and back into the being part of your insides. The known without speaking. They don’t fuck with meat until it’s a veggie burger or lay down caramelized onions to hide the blood that isn’t there.  Even the cheese goes inside the flavor. They char the blood to the perfect texture and honor its true flavor. They cure while pounding love into it. Eyes closed and mind dripping with bloody sweetness we call Cured our home.


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